27th July 2021 10:43 am

Air ambulance has vital life-saving blood every mission

Working with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and SERV Suffolk and Cambridgshire we are making sure the air ambulance has a daily supply of red blood cells and freeze-dried plasma on every mission. This could “make the difference between life and death” for gravely injured patients.

Richard Hindson, head of operations at EAAA, said: “I’m hugely grateful and really proud to know that going forward we will have two vital blood products available on every mission for the patients where these treatments might be the difference between life and death.

“It is a privilege to work alongside other charities and hospitals whose main aim is to save lives and achieve the very best outcomes for our patients.

“To get to where we are now is the result of years of hard work and none of it would be possible without the public who have supported this project and the lab teams and blood bikers who work so hard to get us the red blood cells that we need, every day of the year.

“I couldn’t be happier that this month we’ve achieved a really big goal for our patients and the level of care we aim to provide pre-hospital.”

Red blood cells are also available in EEAA’s rapid response vehicles paid for by funds raised by the charity. Norfolk Blood Bikes are ensuring unused supplies are taken back to the hospitals daily. 

Sean Moore, chairman of Norfolk Blood Bikes, said: “Norfolk Blood Bikes are proud to be resupplying the EAAA crew based at Norwich.

“The team at NBB have been very keen to restart the blood on board after the trial finished in December, and hope that our nightly resupply will assist in saving those patients who need it.

“Our motto is we’ll go no matter what – yes, that even means that we will still resupply the EAAA in all weathers.”


Norfolk Blood Bikes, Registered Charity No. 1148669

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