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Working in partnership with the Human Milk Foundation (HMF), Norfolk Blood Bikes works tirelessly to transport urgently required breast milk for the benefit of sick or premature babies and mothers unable to breastfeed.

Before the East Anglian milk hub was set up, we rotated between using three milk banks: The Rosie Hospital at Addenbrookes in Cambridge, The Queen Charlotte Hospital in Chelsea and the Hearts Milk Bank (HMB) in Welwyn Garden City.

As we had to travel greater distances to get to these milk banks it meant that it would take longer to deliver the urgently required breast milk to hospitals

This was an issue both we and The Human Milk Foundation wanted to address.  Because of this a regional Milk Bank hub was established at Hellesdon Hospital.  It was the first of its kind in East Anglia and only the second such hub in the UK.

This regional milk bank hub provides a storage location for screened donor breast milk, reducing our time-frame for urgent deliveries.

When requested, by the central HMB, we will collect donated milk directly from the nominated donors at their homes.

 The milk is then delivered to the local milk bank.

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NBB regularly transfers the collected Donor Milk, from the Hub, to the HMF and restocks with screened milk suitable for use.

When directed, NBB will collect the Screened Donor Milk from the Hub and deliver it to the Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).  Thereby allowing sick and premature babies to receive donated breast milk quickly.

In some cases, milk will also be supplied directly to mothers who have medical conditions which prevent them from breastfeeding, cannot breastfeed following a mastectomy, or who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer

are you interested in donating milk?

Norfolk Blood Bikes directly support the Human Milk Foundation and Hearts Milk Bank, but we are unable to answer your enquiries.

If you would like to find out more about donating Milk please contact the HMF Directly via the links below:

HMF main website
Becoming a Milk Donor
Contact the HMB
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