What we do

Working tirelessly – throughout weekends, bank holidays and the night time – we provide a vital transport service that saves hundreds of lives a year. If a patient at a hospital desperately needs a certain type of blood, blood product or even a medical instrument, we will deliver it. 

We cover the entire Norfolk county, transporting not only blood products but samples, vaccines, breast milk and other life-saving medical items to hospitals.

We are a charity and as such have no government funding – we rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to provide this valuable service which allows the NHS to divert their funds to the areas that need it the most.

Who benefits?

  • NHS hospital patients in need of life-saving supplies can rest assured that if their hospital doesn’t have it, we will get it to them as soon as we can.
  • This service is at no cost to the NHS, allowing them to save thousands of pounds a year.

Main challenges


We need funds to keep our fleet on the road. Our typical costs are on average £4,000 per month.

We raise funds with bucket collections in town centres, resorts, bike shows, summer fayres and events. Alongside this we rely on our corporate sponsors and regular donators.

Main challenges


We always need help raising awareness of Norfolk Blood Bikes, whether that means meeting the public at an event, supermarket or air show. We also raise awareness by giving presentations and holding events.

If you would like to help we’d love to hear from you!

Main challenges


We need to recruit and train as many riders, drivers, controllers and fundraisers as possible. Check out our volunteer page to see what is involved with each role within Norfolk Blood Bikes or get in touch for more information.

How we work

STEP 1: Hospital calls Norfolk Blood Bikes Controller via dedicated 0845 number.

STEP 2: Controller dispatches appropriate Rider/Driver.

STEP 3: Rider/Driver calls the Controller to confirm collection and ETA at hospital.

STEP 4: Controller calls hospital to update. If there is any delay in service the Rider/Driver will update the Controller who will then inform the hopsital.

STEP 5: Rider/Driver delivers the precious cargo to the hospital.

STEP 6: Hospital receives and signs for the package.

STEP 7: Rider/Driver calls Controller to confirm delivery.

STEP 8: Rider re-fuels, returns home and informs the controller that they are ready for the next callout.

Norfolk Blood Bikes, Registered Charity No. 1148669

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